An island in the island
Ahmed, Esraa, and Osama, Cairo, Egypt, 2022

In such a complex landscape, characterized by a strong tendency to diaspora of artists who migrate as soon as they can, foreign cultural centers are spaces of freedom, places to meet and engage with different perspectives.

Cultural Recoil
Cairo, Egypt, 2022

There are many reasons why we have chosen Egypt, after Albania and Morocco, as the destination for this third phase of our comparative research.

Academy and collectives
Tétouan, Morocco, 2021

A few days later, we returned to Tétouan—former capital of the Spanish protectorate, located southeast of Tangier, and home to the Institut National des Beaux-Arts, which was founded in 1945 and is now managed by the Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Social Roots
Ayoub, Tangier, Morocco, 2021

We went back to the roots of the social experiences that give shape to Tangier’s cultural ferment and we identified a constellation of projects in the association Darna.

Gateway to the Mediterranean
Tangier, Morocco, 2021

Our research led us to Tangier, Morocco⁠—second stop of our journey. This is the place where back in 2006, even before the Arab Spring started, artist Yto Barrada encouraged the creation of the Cinémathèque de Tanger—one of the most significant cultural centers in North Africa.

Imagination Exercise
A selection of texts and drawings from the workshop, Matera, Italy, 2021

Have you ever been there? What does this space remind you of? How do you picture it in the future? Who would you like to meet? What would you bring here from your personal experience?

Matera’s Youths
Mustafe, Matera, Italy, 2021

Even before starting the construction site for the renovation of the buildings, we decided to open the gate to meet the youths of the area, show the inside of the ruin carved into the rock, and share needs, ideas, desires.

​​Conservative Restoration
Matera, Italy, 2019

As part of the research process, we are going to restore two state-owned properties, arranged on two floor, in the historic center of the city of Matera, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.

The First Encounter
Matera, Italy, 2015

It was the first time I noticed that ruin. Among so many renovated buildings, converted into hotels, bars, and restaurants, I got struck by the potential of the neighborhood.

Shkodër, Albania, 2021

Our research starts from the desire to deal with artists’ initiatives that explored pedagogical experiences outside the designated places.

Where to now?
Shkodër, Albania, 2021

Outside the city centers in Albania, you can perceive the rural identity that still defines the country.

What happened to Art History?
Gjimnazi 28 Nëntori, 2021

During an intense week, we met professors and students of the oldest Albanian public school.

Let’s start from Shkodër!
Gjimnazi Oso Kuka, 2021

After a year of distance learning, our research team is off to Albania.

What defines your generation?
Carlo, 22 years old

Carlo shares his views on the relationship between the individual and the collective.

How do you visualize our process?
Eathan, 23 years old

Eathan starts from Valerio Rocco Orlando’s methodology to describe South of Imagination.

What is the value of art?
Angela, 20 years old

In Angela’s hometown, young people perceive art in different ways.

What do you expect from this project?
Gaja, 20 years old

Gaja highlights the need to produce new forms of being together.

What is imagination for you?
Enrico, 21 years old

According to Enrico, it is necessary to be brave and cross the limits of reality.

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