Imagination Exercise

A selection of texts and drawings from the workshop, Matera, Italy, 2021

Have you ever been there? What does this space remind you of? How do you picture it in the future? Who would you like to meet? What would you bring here from your personal experience?

What surprised me the most about meeting with Barbara, Mustafe, Andrea, Claudio, Mariateresa, Mario, Michele, and Lorena is the potential that these participants felt with respect to what is missing in the city: a space dedicated to them, regardless of the school’s future activities. 

Expectations are high. For those who live very close to the building and have always seen it in its state of disrepair. For those who live in the suburbs and rarely go to Rioni Sassi. For those who in rural areas have decided to undertake homeschooling, and in this school see an alternative to studying on their own.