Shkodër, Albania, 2021

Our research starts from the desire to deal with artists’ initiatives that over the years explored pedagogical experiences outside the designated places. What characterizes Art House is its ability to engage in dialogue within the international art system and with the new Albanian art scene, without claiming to transform the surrounding area. This independent institution cooperates with many local entities. The one that caught our attention here in Shkodër for its social dimension is Qendra Rinore Arka— Arka Youth Center. The café, the courtyard, the library, and the exhibition space welcome the students daily with self-training activities in which they can participate according to their interests. Arta Nikolli, director of the Center along with Marjan Lukani, invited us to the Youth Council for a meeting about the project. Meeting an Accademia di Brera student who attended the course of Multimedia Dramaturgy last year through remote reviews on Google Meet was a real surprise. Antonio invites us to his childhood home’s garden, something between a ruin and a construction site frozen in time, where we decide to set the shots for our conversations.